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Introduction to MS Excel – Complete Information

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MS Excel, whose full name is ‘Microsoft Excel’ and also known as ‘Excel’, is a Spread Sheet Program, which allows data to be opened, Create, Edit, Formatting, Calculate, Share and Print etc. in tabular format. works of. MS Excel is a product of Microsoft.

MS Excel is a part of the Microsoft Office Suite. The window of MS Excel 365 is shown below.

Introduction to MS Excel - Complete Information
Introduction to MS Excel – Complete Information

You can also view it by opening MS Excel on your computer. If you do not know how to open MS Excel, then you can learn to open it from the tutorial ‘How to open MS Excel’. Many ways to open MS Excel have been described in this post.

The window of MS Excel is divided into several parts. Which are shown in the above picture with name through a line. Let us go through each part of the MS Excel window in sequence.

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Table of Content

All the Tools Available in MS Excel Window

1. File Button

File Button is a major part of MS Excel. This button is in the Tab bar. This button has many options for creating a file or spreadsheet in MS Excel.

2. Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar is a special part of MS Excel. This toolbar is in the title bar. We use it as a shortcut. Most of the useful commands are added to this toolbar and they are added to it. With the help of Quick Access Toolbar, work can be done in MS Excel at a little speed.

3. Title bar

The title bar is the top part of the MS Excel window. On this bar the name of the file created in MS Excel is shown. The name of the file is not shown until the file is saved and “Book1” is written there. As soon as we save the file with any name, then the file name is shown in place of “Book1”.

There are three buttons in the right corner of this bar. Among these three buttons, the first button is “Minimize”, clicking on which brings the Open Program to the task bar (see screenshot below). The second button is “Maximize or Restore down”. This button works to increase or decrease the width of the window. And the third button is “Close Button” which works to close the program.

Introduction to MS Excel - Complete Information
Introduction to MS Excel – Complete Information

4. Ribbon

The Ribbon is another part of the MS Excel window. It is below the menu bar. The red colored part of the MS Excel window shown in this tutorial is the Ribbon. In this part, the options of MS Excel Tabs (which are in the options menu bar) are shown.

5. Menu Bar

Menu Bar is located below the title bar in MS Excel. It can also be called Tab Bar, because they are now called Tab. The menu bar has many options and each has its own ribbon.

6. Name Box

Name Box There is a box in the bottom left corner of the Ribbon in MS Excel. The name of Sheet Cell is shown in this box and we can also search it by entering the name of the cell in it.

7. Formula bar

The Formula Bar is located in the bottom left corner of the ribbon in MS Excel, next to the Name Box. In this bar MS Excel Formulas are written.

8. Status Bar

Status bar is just below the text area in MS Excel. This bar has a tool called “Zoom Level”, with the help of which the sheet can be zoomed in and zoomed out. Apart from this, many tools are also there in this bar, such as; Language, Word Count, Page Number etc.

9. Scroll Bar

Scroll Bar In MS Excel, there is a vertical bar on the right side and horizontally at the bottom, which works to move the sheet up-down and left-right.

10. Text Area

Text Area is the most important part of MS Excel. And this is the largest and middle part of the MS Excel window. Text area is called Sheet in MS Excel. The text is written in this field.

Features of MS Excel

Easy Learning

Easy to operate MS Excel. Any computer literate person can learn to work on Excel. Because its interface is based on graphics. Therefore, everything is represented through pictures and icons.

By looking at the icon, you can get an idea of ​​what this command can be used for. With just a few days of basic excel training, you will start working on excel.


If you do not know, then let us tell you that Excel is an important part of Microsoft Office. And about the office, the world knows what its importance is. Hence, working on Excel gives itself confidence.

You get the trust of Microsoft, the king of the computer world. And working on one of the world’s popular spreadsheet programs gives a different feeling.

Job ready

This program is taught by Microsoft itself. And after successfully completing the course you become a Microsoft Certified Excel Professional. Which are in great demand in the industry.

You will be surprised to know that many sites on the Internet run only on Excel. And gives excel training. You can imagine for yourself how big a market Excel alone is.

If you take Excel training, then you do not have to worry about the job. The need of Excel Masters always remains somewhere or the other.

Part of MS Office Package

It has also been told to you above that Microsoft Excel is an important part of the office suite. Without this the office suite remains incomplete. Apart from Excel, you get MS Word, MS PowerPoint and OneNote in the Office program. Which you can increase and add other programs as well.

Show data in tables

Excel is a spreadsheet program. Hence, all the data is displayed in tabular format only. You do not need to create a data table. Apart from tables, charts, functions and formulas get your work done in minutes.

Application of Excel

MS Excel is used to display, edit, format, create data in tabular format. This is a spreadsheet program, so the tables are made ready. Users only have to insert data.

You can attract people by making this data interesting and colorful through charts and tables. And by reducing your work to minutes through Excel formulas and functions, you can become time-savvy and more productive.

How to Learn MS Excel ?

Join Computer Institute

The first and well-known way is to go to a computer institute and take admission. Here you get the help of trainer to teach excel and computers are also available for practical.

If you have free time and there is a center near you then you can learn excel by joining excel classes present here.

Purchase Excel Books

Books still have the same place for learning any new skills. If you have a computer and you are fond of reading books. Then you can buy some excel books to learn excel and start learning from them.

By searching “best books for ms excel” on Amazon or any other online portal, you will find hundreds of books. You can order two-three books of your choice and get them home.

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Enroll in Online Courses

Learning beyond books is now happening online. And importance is being given to digital learning. We also agree that a person should move with the times.

Therefore, you can also do excel online courses. The advantage of these courses is that here you get practical training with a computer screen. And there would be punctuality too.

You can learn whenever you want and support is also available when problems arise. Most of the courses are offered with lifetime validity. Meaning, once purchased the course will always be with you.

Given below are the names of some popular online portals. From where you can enroll in excel courses.

  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • Alison
  • Khan Academy
  • LinkedIN Learning

Web-Based Tutorials

Another way to learn online is through web-based tutorials. Similar training was available before online courses and is very popular even today. Because, this training is mostly free.

The names of some websites are being given below for your convenience. From where you can access free tutorials of Excel.

If you want to learn then you can also see Free Excel Tutorials available on our website. which is available below.

Excel Help

Apart from this, there is another way Excel Help ie Excel Help. On this method, the attention of the students or the trainers also gets very little. But, this method is the most reliable and reliable.

Because, all the tutorials here are prepared by the creators of Excel themselves. To access Excel Help, press the F1 key from the keyboard.

What have you learned?

In this Post you got acquainted with Microsoft Excel. We have told about MS Excel in simple words. I hope this tutorial will be useful for you. And what is MS Excel and how do you learn Excel? The answers to these two questions have also been found.

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