Benefits of having a small  USB fridge

The New Mini Red USB Fridge and Tropical PC05W PC05 Portable Chiller cum Warmer

The length of this refrigerator is 15 cm, width is 12 cm and height is 10 cm

This freezer operates on DC 12V power.

You can take this refrigerator anywhere and consume cold beverages.

On long trips, you do not have to spend money and mind to make iced drinks / fruit preservation  heating food.

Light weight and come with a strap, can be carried on the shoulder.

Set to warm up to 65°C or choose to cool to 5°C, ideal for drinks,snacks and meals when campingtle 

Designed to fit in the back seat of your car or floor.

Convenient, you only need to plug into your car’s 12V cigarette lighter

This freezer can run on power from laptop and computer and drinks can be chilled in it

The capacity of this refrigerator is 24 cubic inches. 

Benefits of having a small ( USB fridge )

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