How to open notepad

First of all click on “ Windows Start Button


After this you have to click on “All Apps” which is shown to you by the green arrow in the ‘Menu Bar’ below.

On clicking All Apps

You have to click on “Notepad”

After clicking on “Notepad” “MS Notepad” will open in front of you. And Notepad Window will be in front of you.

 First of all click on “Windows Start Button”.

Then you have to type ‘notepad’ in “Windows Search Box”.

After this you press the “Enter” button and “MS Notepad” has been opened in front of you.

First of all press “windows key + R” through keyboard

After pressing this shortcut, some type of window will open in front of you.

The ‘run box’ of Windows, in its search box you have to type “notepad” or ‘NOTEPAD

After this, press the “Enter” button from the keyboard and “MS Notepad” will open in front of you.

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