What are Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook Instant Article is a new feature of Facebook designed for mobile users and publishers.

It can prove to be a boon for Slow Internet areas.

The advantage of Instant Article is for both publishers (Websites/Blogs) and readers (Reader/User).

Facebook Instant Article is a web document

Which is written in Standardize Markup Language (eg, XML). It opens faster than a simple webpage.

It opens faster  than a simple webpage.

Any wabpage can  be convert into Instant articles

It does not have to be written separately.

At the same time , all the content is also in an Instant Article.

 A publisher can convert its web content into Instant Articles and post it on Facebook. 

 In an Instant Article Mobile, it gets loaded in about 1 second.

The publisher can customize it according to his web article.

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