8 Application of Computer

In this post we are going to learn application of computer in detail. In today’s time there will be a person who will not be familiar with computer. There are computers all around us. Computer is a main part of modern life. Since their invention till now, they have become smaller and faster. Can’t even imagine any work without them.

Everyone uses the computer for different tasks according to their own accord. Teachers, writers and scientists use computers for research. Whereas engineers, designers use computers to make their designs.

The application of computer brings speed and accuracy in our work.

By the way, now the importance of computer has been proved in almost every field. And there are some areas where due to the increasing dependence on computers, their use has started becoming more. Let us know some such areas where computer is mainly used.

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Application of Computer in Different Work Areas

1. Computers At Home

The application of computers in homes has become common now. Today everyone wants to have it. Computer has changed the way we work. The computer alone does the work that eight people used to do earlier, fast and correct.

That’s why people have started using computers more. Computers are used for many tasks in homes.

We can prepare the budget of our house through computer. On computer we can listen to songs, download videos, watch movies. You can talk to your friends.

You can also write a letter to your distant relatives, friends and acquaintances. We can also play games on computer. Apart from this, we can deal with the work of our office from the computer sitting at home.

2. Computers In Business

The Application of computers has started increasing a lot in the business sector. Today, there will be an office in which computer is not used. The way of doing business has completely changed with the application of computers.

Today through computer you can manage your business from anywhere. With the use of this electronic machine, the speed of work in the office has increased.

You can create and maintain records of your employees, production, sales details, stock etc. by computer. That’s why computers are used in offices.

3. Computers In Education

There has been a revolution in this field due to the application of computer in education. We can study from the computer while sitting at home.

Studying on computer through internet is called online study.

You can get information about courses of thousands of colleges, universities, and can also take admission on just one click. Nowadays, examinations have also started being done through it. Training to the people is also given by computer.

4. Computers In Science & Engineering

Scientist is the oldest friend of computer. Computer is being used in the field of science and technology since its invention. Therefore, the field of science and technology is also not untouched by it.

These people use computers to share information with each other. They also complete their research work through this.

Engineers can easily complete their complex equations and designs in minutes by computer. The contribution of computers in the fields of weather forecasting, operation of transport, space, geography etc. is incomparable.

5. Computers In Medical

The application of computers is a boon in the medical and health sector. Because it has given hope to the doctors that they can now face almost any kind of health problem.

With the application of computers in the medical field, records of patients can be easily created and found with a single click. Patients can be monitored.

Computers are also used to find the diagnosis of a disease. The patient’s health can be monitored from time to time. Almost every type of testing is being done by computerized machine.

6. Computers In Defense

Computers have been used in the defense sector since the beginning. But, today its meaning has completely changed. Large missiles, nuclear weapons, satellites can be controlled by just one command. The designs of new weapons are made by computer. Records are made of soldiers, criminals and weapons.

7. Computers In Sports

Due to the use of computer in the games, the operation of the games can be done fast and uninterrupted. Through this, players’ records, their historical moments, scorecards etc. can be made. The use of computer in decision making in any game brings accuracy in decisions.

8. Computers In Government

The use of computers is also not untouched by the rule of law. Today, all administrative work is done by computer.

Actually, there is no such area left where the computer is not used. Therefore, wherever you go you will be able to use the computer. Apart from the above mentioned areas, there are thousands of such areas which have accepted the importance of computer and are gradually including it.

What have you learned?

In this post, we have told you about the use of computer – Uses of Computer. You have understood the importance of computers in various fields.

We hope that you will like this post and prove useful for you. Share this with your friends and if you have any question then you can ask by commenting.

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