Introduction to MS Excel – Complete Information

Introduction to MS Excel?

MS Excel, whose full name is ‘Microsoft Excel’ and also known as ‘Excel’, is a Spread Sheet Program, which allows data to be opened, Create, Edit, Formatting, Calculate, Share and Print etc. in tabular format. works of. MS Excel is a product of Microsoft.

What is MS Word?

What is MS Word

If you are from the field of computer then you must have heard about Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is the most used word processors in offices around the world, it is also known as MS word and Word, MS Word is a software created by Microsoft company which is known as the most popular word processor of Word which is used to create, edit, format and print the document so that you can write letter, application in MS Word. You can prepare Resume as well as, if you want, you can also prepare Flyers, Certificate, Etc. in MS Word, after taking a little training you can learn to run MS Word, let’s know the history of Microsoft Word.