Information on advantages and disadvantages of Computer

In this post we will understand advantages and disadvantages of computer. Modern times belong to digital devices. In which the importance of computer is the most. Today, work is being done through computers in almost every field. Therefore, from old to small child, they are learning to application of computer.

Computers have made everyday tasks of human life easier, faster and cheaper. Because a computer can do the same work as 10 humans alone. And in this article, we are giving you complete information about the advantages and disadvantages of some such computers.

By knowing about the advantages and disadvantages of computer, you will become well acquainted with the computer. And the knowledge of the features of the computer will also be there.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer

Advantage of Computer

  • High speed
  • Accuracy of work
  • Storage capacity
  • Diligent
  • Conversation
  • Job diversity
  • Trustworthy
  • Protector of nature
  • Cost Reduction

Computer is such a device that has captured almost all the work done by humans. And this work has happened only because of some of its characteristics. The advantages of computer are being told below. By reading the characteristics of the computer, you will be able to know why we humans like computers?

High Speed

  • Computer is a fast working electronic machine.
  • Computer can work at a much faster speed than we humans.
  • It has the ability to process a lot of data simultaneously.
  • Computer Speed ​​is also measured in Microseconds, Nanoseconds, and Picoseconds.


  • Along with being fast, the computer is also accurate.
  • It gives the right output only on giving the right input.
  • Its calculation is 100% error free.
  • The accuracy of its results is much higher than human results.

Storage Capability

  • Computer memory is much more than that of human.
  • Computer memory can be reduced or increased. What we humans cannot do.
  • Audio, Video, Image, Text etc. types of data can be stored in the computer.
  • The memory of one computer can be used with another computer.


  • Computers are very hardworking and fatigue free tools.
  • Like us humans, the computer does not have problems like tiredness, boredom, concentration etc.
  • It can do the same work again and again with the same accuracy without getting tired.
  • Computer can work for many days, hours without getting tired.


  • Automation is a great feature of a computer. It automatically completes the assigned task.


  • Computers can communicate with each other with each other.
  • Computers can exchange their data with each other.
  • These Communicating Devices keep in touch with each other through LAN, WAN, Modem, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.


  • Computer is a Versatile Machine.
  • Computer can perform many different tasks simultaneously.
  • On this, work of many subjects, areas can be done simultaneously.


  • Computers are a reliable and reliable device.
  • Its life lasts for many years. Therefore, it can be worked on for a long time.
  • And Computer Parts can also be easily replaced and maintained.

Nature Friendly

  • All the work of computers is paperless. And the work for which earlier paper was needed. That too has started happening from the computer.
  • Therefore, because of them, lakhs of trees are saved from becoming paper. That’s why they are also protectors of nature.

Reduction in Cost

  • When there is work without paper, the money of paper and related stationery is saved.
  • And computer work is cheaper than human.
  • Data can also be stored in an electronic medium. Which saves money on files.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer

Disadvantage of Computer

  • Lack of discretion
  • Dependent on human
  • Climate
  • No feelings
  • Cyber attack threat

It is said that whatever there is good, there is also evil in it. Similarly, there are disadvantages as well as advantages. These two things are two sides of a coin. Below we are telling you some disadvantages of computer.

No Intelligence

  • Computer does not have intelligence.
  • Computer is a Dub Machine. Those who can’t think
  • They can only follow the instructions given. But can’t take any decision.

Human Dependency

  • Human DepOne of its features is automation. But it can only follow the instructions given by humans.
  • Computer cannot do any work on its own.
  • We depend on humans for instructions to do any work.


  • A clean environment is needed for the computer to work.
  • Dusty places affect its efficiency and it may even stop working.

No Emotions

  • Computer is an electronic device. Which are made from lifeless tools.
  • In computers, we do not have Feelings, Emotions towards humans.

Cyber ​​Security Problems

  • There is always a danger of many cyber attacks on the computer.
  • Viruses, malware, stealing passwords, stealing payment details, stealing personal data, etc., can be easily done through cyber attacks.
  • Also, all the data on the computer can be deleted or damaged.
  • Hackers can do anything by taking control of our computer.

What have you learned?

In this post of Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer, we have given you complete information about the advantages and disadvantages of computer. You have also learned about the various features of the computer i.e. the advantages and disadvantages of the computer. We hope that this article will prove useful to you.

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