Never Forget a Birthday with Google’s Contact App Notification

If you are someone who always forgets important dates, Google’s Contacts app is here to save the day. The company has announced that its contact app will now notify users about the upcoming birthdays of their contacts. With this new feature, you will never miss a birthday again.

Why is this feature important?

Forgetting birthdays of loved ones can be embarrassing and hurtful. It can also lead to strained relationships. With the help of Google’s Contact app, you can avoid all of these problems. You can stay on top of your relationships by sending birthday wishes on time.

How does the feature work?

Google’s Contact app will automatically sync with your device’s calendar. It will notify you about upcoming birthdays a day before. You can also customize the notification settings according to your preference. This way, you can be sure to never miss an important date again.

Other features of Google's Contact app

The Contact app is more than just a birthday reminder. It is a powerful tool to manage your contacts. It allows you to organize your contacts and keep them up to date. You can also merge duplicate contacts and add new ones with ease. Moreover, the app can also sync with other Google services like Gmail and Google Drive.

How to get the Contact app

The Contact app is available for free on Google Play Store. It is compatible with Android devices running Android 5.0 and higher. To get the app, simply search for “Google Contacts” in the Play Store and install it.


In conclusion, Google’s Contact app is a must-have for anyone who wants to stay on top of their relationships. With the new birthday notification feature, you can be sure to never forget an important date again. Download the app today and enjoy its many other features.


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