Download any video From YouTube

Download any video From YouTube: There are many types of websites available for downloading photos and YouTube videos on the Internet, one of the most famous of them is the name of GenYoutube. You can use this site to download YouTube videos for free.

Most of you will be such people who will be watching movies on YouTube and while watching the movie, you will have to skip again and again, which will spoil the fun of watching the movie, so it is only in this benefit that you first download that movie from YouTube. Then sit comfortably and enjoy watching movies without watching any ads.

This is how GenYouTube Video Download is, from here you can download YouTube videos in more than 50+ formats, if you had not heard about this site before, then read this post completely, it will definitely work for you.

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GenYoutube is a type of YouTube Video Download Site from where you can download your favorite YouTube videos in any format like MP3 or MP4 and the best thing is that you have to take YouTube Premium Subscription to download YouTube Videos.

For which you also have to pay ₹ 129 per month, if you do not want to spend these money, you are looking for such a jugaad on the internet so that you can download videos for free, then you can use for that. Is. You can use it on any of these three devices on your mobile, computer or laptop without paying any charges.

How to download video from Gain YouTube?

You can download YouTube videos in three ways using Gain YouTube, you can download videos using that method according to your needs.

Such as: – If you want to download the video from your computer, then Extensions are used in the browser of the computer, so you download & install Genyoutube Extension once, after that you only need one click to download any video. After that the video download will start.

Now installing Extension in mobile is not an easy task, for this you have to use other tricks, so for mobile users, another way has been given to download videos from Gain YouTube, so below we have told you about these three ways step-by-step. has been explained.

1. GenYouTube Extension 

This is the first way in our list, whose name is GenYouTube Extension, this has the advantage that you do not need to copy and paste the link of that video to download the video. When you start YouTube.

Download any video From YouTube
Download any video From YouTube

So on the same you will see a Download Icon, only after clicking on it the video will start downloading, let us know what is the whole process of installing Genyoutube Extension.

  • First of all, see which browser you are using in your computer or laptop, like if you are using Chrome Browser, then the icon of that browser will be made on the home page of genyoutube, click on it.
  • Most of you must be using Chrome Browser, then you will have to download Tampermonkey Extension to click on the Chrome icon, then after that another file will be given, download it and install it.
  • Only after doing this, half of your work would have been done.
  • Now whatever video you want to download, go to YouTube and play it, but on the same side you will also find the download button next to the subscribe button, click on it.
  • Then select the quality in whichever quality you want to download that video, only after doing this your video will start downloading.
  • So in this way you can download YouTube Video using Genyoutube Extension.

2. Genyoutube Website

If you want, YouTube videos can also be downloaded using the Direct Gain YouTube website, you can use this method for both your mobile and computer.

Download any video From YouTube
Download any video From YouTube

Apart from Gain YouTube, there are many other websites that use this method to download YouTube videos, so let’s know how to download YouTube videos in your mobile without downloading any application or extension. .

  • Step 1: Whichever video you want to download, open it in your YouTube application or Chrome browser.
  • Step 2: The share icon will appear in the video that is currently playing, after clicking on it, copy link will be written, after clicking on it, the link of the video will be copied.
  • Step 3 : Now go to the home page () of Gain YouTube website, then on top of that site you will see a search box, in the same search box you have to paste your copied link and click on Go Give it
  • Step 4:  Then here you will find many types of formats such as Mp3 and MP4, similarly you can download video or audio in many quality. Click on the format in which you want to download that video.
  • Step 5: After this, a dialog box comes up, on which you can change the name of that video, there you will get a button of OK, click on it, after doing so much your video will be downloaded. will take.

3. GenYouTube URL

Whenever I have to download a video from YouTube, I use this third method because it is very easy to download the video from it. Once you download the video, you will understand about it very well.

With this, to download the video of YouTube, you only have to make some changes in the link of that video, only after that you will be able to download the video.

Download any video From YouTube
Download any video From YouTube

Normal YouTube Video Link:-

Genyoutube Video Link:- https://www. gen

In the normal YouTube video calling, you have to write gen before, after doing this, the video downloading page of Gain YouTube will open, after that you have to select the quality in which you want to download the video. Your video will start downloading.

So here we have told you any 3 ways by which you can easily download any video of YouTube and not only the video, if you want to download any video in MP3 then that can also be done very easily. .

GainYouTube Photo Download

It has been seen that many people search by typing Gain YouTube photo download on Google whereas Gain YouTube website is made only for downloading MP3 and MP4 videos.

But do not know why most of the people search by writing janutube photo download so that they can also download the photo from this website but it is not possible to do so because it is a youtube video downloading website.

If you want to download the photo itself, then for that you can use Google Images or other stock images download website, from there you will be able to download high quality photos for free.

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Genyoutube Alternative Sites

  • vdownloader
  • Y2mate
  • Bitdownloader
  • Freemake 
  • Savetube

If you do any such work online in which you need to download videos from YouTube again and again, then Gain YouTube will prove to be the best website for you to download videos because to download any video from here. You don’t need to pay any charge.

I hope you guys have got complete information about how to download gain YouTube photo download and how to download video from gain youtube. .

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