Functioning of the computer

A computer is a complex machine made up of various tools and instructions. But the more complex the structure of the computer, the more simple is the functioning of the computer.

In this post of Functioning of the computer, we will give you complete information about the working of the computer. By understanding which you will know how a computer works.

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Functioning of the computer

All types of computers complete their work with a particular methodology and their working method remains the same in all computers. Computer performs three basic functions to complete any task.

  • Input
  • Process
  • Output

A flow chart of the working of the computer is given below. By understanding which you can understand the Basic Functionality of a computer.

Functioning of the computer
Functioning of the computer

Take input:

Computer cannot do any work on its own. He first takes input from the user. After that takes the next step based on the input. Now you must be thinking that what is input?

Input is instructions or data related to a task. Which is input by Input Devices like Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner, Light Pen etc.

Data processing

After taking the input, the computer stores the input data in the computer memory. After this follows the instructions given by the user. The computer does this work very fast.

During processing, the computer checks the input data, follows the given instructions and converts it into information. which is called the result.

Give output

After processing the data, the computer gives the result. This result is called Output. Computers take the help of Output Devices to show the results.

The most important of the output devices are the monitor or display. Above which there is an Output Show. Apart from these, Printers, Speakers are also other major Output Devices.

What have you learned?

In this post, we have given you complete information about the working of the computer. You know how computer works. Computer does its work in three phases. First, taking input, second, processing, and third, giving output. We hope that this lesson will prove useful for you.

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