Introduction to Google Docs

Google Docs is a cloud based application. Which is developed by Google. This is a very important and very useful application. Which can do all the things that Microsoft Word can do. Or say, you can say that Google Docs is an alternative application of Microsoft Word. But Google Docs can do many such things which cannot be done easily or say cannot be done with Microsoft Word.

So today in this post we will learn about G-Docs from the beginning and know how G-Docs can be used.

Before proceeding further in this post, let me tell that, if you want to use any product of Google, then it is very important to have an account on Gmail. If you do not know how to create an account on Gmail, then you can watch this video of ours –

How can you create your Gmail Account – how to create gmail account (In Hindi)

So let us now know how we can work on Google Docs –

How to open Google Docs?:

To open Google Docs, first of all, open any browser and enter in the address bar and press the enter button, then you will find that you will see an interface like this.


If you are not logged in to the Gmail account, you will not see this interface, instead you will see the email login window where you will have to log in and proceed with the email. And then you will see this interface.

Introduction to Google Docs
Google Docs Interface

Here you will get the following options –

  • Left menu
  • Search bar
  • Template gallery
  • Recent document

Left menu:

On the far right side you get three horizontal lines. Which represents the menu option of Google Docs.

Introduction to Google Docs
Google Docs’ Side Menu

Here you get the option of setting links and other applications of Google. Along with Google’s other applications like Sheets, Slides, Forms, you also get a link to the Docs application. After this you get the option of setting where you can set up your dashboard. Some of the settings available in the dashboard are as follows.

Introduction to Google Docs
Google Docs’ Setting

After setting, you get the option of Help and Feedback. Where you can get help for google application. After this you get the option of Google Drive, by clicking which you can go to your Google Drive.

Search bar:

You find the search bar at the top and in the center. With the help of which you can find any old file that you have created.

Template Gallery:

Just below the search bar, you find the Template Gallery, where you can use any template as per your requirement. On the top right of the Template Gallery, where the Template Gallery is written, you can click on it. Can deliver multiple templates.

Recent Documents:

In this section of the application, you get a list of all your docs files on which you have worked earlier.

Creating a new file:

To create a new file in Google Docs, you have to click on the blank document icon, which is available in the Templates section.

Introduction to Google Docs
Google Docs’ Blank File

Google Docs Files Menus and Toolbars:

You get some menus and toolbars once you find new files, then we will know about all these menus and toolbars. At the top of Google Docs, there is an option for a file name, where you name your file.

Introduction to Google Docs
Google Docs’ File Name

Just below the file name option, you get the menu option, where you get 7 menus which are as follows –

  • File
  • Edit
  • View
  • Insert
  • Format
  • Tools
  • Extension
  • Help

Just below the menu option you get a toolbar where you get many toolbar options like Undo, Redo, Print, Font Style, Font Size, Font Name, Bold, Italic, Underline etc.


Just below the toolbar, you get the horizontal ruler and along with a vertical horizontal ruler on the left hand side. With the help of which you can change the working area according to you.

Working Area:

The largest area in a Google Docs file is the working area. The working area is the part of the file where you do all your work, such as writing text, using images or links.

Pros and Cons of Google Docs


  • The advantage of being a cloud base software is that you can access your Google Docs files anywhere.
  • You can hinder the productivity of Google Docs by using a number of online extensions.
  • You can easily share the file with any Gmail user.


  • You cannot use Cloud Files without an internet connection.

I sincerely hope that you must have got all the basic information about Google Docs from this post of mine. Still, if you have any query or suggestion in your mind then you can send me on or comment me in below comment box.

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