Introduction to Google Forms

Google Forms is a cloud base application. In today’s time, data is a very important asset, for this big companies, political parties, news agencies etc. are ready to spend crores of rupees. Different software is available in the market to collect this data. Google Forms is one such software which is available online and you can collect data by sharing it with people and then you can also do your analysis on this data.

What is Google Forms?

Today in this post we will know Google Form in detail. Google Forms is a part of Google Drive. With its help, we do the work of collecting data. And later we can analyze this data and get many important results. It is very easy to create and change Google Forms. You must have a Gmail account to use Google Forms. If you want to learn how to create an account on Gmail, then you can see this video of mine –

How can you create your Gmail Account how to create gmail account (In Hindi).

With the help of Google Forms, we can easily create the following types of forms –

  • File Collection Form
  • Online Survey Form
  • Online Quiz Form
  • Online Form For Jobs Interview
  • Online Review Form
  • Party Invitation Form
  • Online Contact Form
  • Online Order Form

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How to make google form

You can use any browser to create Google Forms. After opening the browser, you enter the URL in the address bar of the browser, which will create the following type of interface.

Introduction to Google Forms
Google Form Interface

In this interface you will find some form templates out of which you can take any template according to your need. And if you do not find any template that can complete your task, then you can also take a blank template. When you choose the blank template, you get the option to create 11 types of questions, which are some are as follows –

  • Short Answer
  • Paragraph
  • Multiple Choice
  • Checkbox
  • Drop down
  • File upload
  • Linear scale
  • Multiple Choice Grid
  • Tick box grid
  • Date
  • Time

When you create a new Google Form, on the top right hand side, you get the X text box to name your form, where you can give the name of your form.

Introduction to Google Forms
Google Form’s Title

After giving the name of the form, you can give the description of the form. So that people can know what you have created this form for and what its use is. This field is optional. You can enter the description if you want or you can leave it if you don’t need it.

Introduction to Google Forms
Google Form Description

Now you can design the form by doing the question form according to you.

Once the form is designed, you can share it. To share the form, you get the send button at the top.

Introduction to Google Forms
Google Form Send Button

On clicking the send button, a dialog box opens where you click on the link option.

Introduction to Google Forms
Google Form Link Button

This will give you the link of the form. To shorten this link, you can shorten the link by clicking on the Shorten URL option. And by copying this link, you can share it on WhatsApp or other social media.

सेंड फॉर्म
Google Form Short URL Create

Through this post, you must have understood how to use Google Forms. Still, if you feel that you have some questions or suggestions in your mind, then you can send me to pr***********@gm***.com or you can comment in the comment box below.

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