Introduction to Google Sheets

Google Sheet is a software that works just like the new Excel, but it has some things that are not even in Microsoft Excel. More than one person at a time can work on Google Sheets. So in this post, Today, we will learn about Google Sheet from the very beginning.

Google Sheet is an online program created by Google. You can work on it by opening it on any of your browsers. To open it, you have to take the following steps-

  1. Open your browser.
Google Sheets- Step 1
Google Sheets- Step 1

2. In the browser’s address bar, type

Google Sheets- Step 2
Google Sheets- Step 2

3. With this you will get the website of Google search engine.

4. Here in google search bar you have to type Google Sheets and press enter button

Google Sheets- Step 3
Google Sheets- Step 3

5. From this you will have to click the first option which you will find on the search page.

6. This will bring you to the home page of Google Sheets

Google Sheets- Step 4
Google Sheets- Step 4

7. Now you have to click on Go to Google Sheets button which is made in the personal box.

8. Here you will get the option to choose some pre-made templates and Blank Sheet of Google Sheets. Which you can choose as per your convenience.

Google Sheets- Step 5
Google Sheets- Step 5

In this way, you can open Google Sheet. There is also another shortcut way to open it, in which you have to enter just by typing “” on the address bar of the browser and you will find that a blank template of Google Sheet has been opened in front of you.

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To understand the Google sheet, the first one has to understand its blank template. So let’s go to its Blank Template

Google Sheets - Name the spreadsheet
Google Sheets – Name the spreadsheet

When you open Google Sheet, your first task is to give it a name. So that if you ever need to find this Google sheet, then you can easily find. To name Google Sheet, you have to click on the Untitled Spreadsheet written on the left side of the sheet and this part will become editable on the sheet and you can name your sheet according to your wish.

It is divided into Rows and columns whose default numbers are 26 and 1000 respectively. Which we can increase or decrease as per our convenience. In a spreadsheet, the columns are displayed with an English alphabet, which starts from A and goes to Z. Whereas Rows are represented by numbers that start from 1 to 1000.

A cell in a spreadsheet where one row intersects another column is called a cell.

Google Sheets - Cell
Google Sheets – Cell

We do all our work in this cell.

We can use Google Sheet in the following areas –

1. To calculate

Google Sheets - Addition
Google Sheets – Addition

We can use Google sheet to do all kinds of simple and complex calculations. Such as addition, subtraction, multiplication or division etc.

2. In the field of accounting:

Google Sheets - Expence Report
Google Sheets – Expence Report

Most companies use spreadsheets for accounting related tasks. Then whether it is to prepare a budget, make a ledger, record a day book or prepare an expense register. All these types of work can be done easily on Google Sheets.

3. At wholesale market place

Often you must have seen that whenever you enter a wholesale market place (metro wholesale, best price etc.), An employee scans your card, do you know that the scanned data is goes on a spreadsheet?. Due to which the goods are easily analyzed by the customers who come here. And based on this, people also know how to send personal messages.

4. In the share market

Trading people often use Google Sheets to analyze their shares because they can easily share their collected data with their advisor and get appropriate feedback from them.

5. In schools

Schools often prepare the exam marks of the children on google sheets, which makes it easier for them to make the results and the teachers can share this seat to each other so that the marks of all the subjects on the same seat are easily collected. And marks summary gets ready easily.

Apart from this, there are countless areas where people use google sheet and make their work easy.

Some other features of Google Sheet:

Google Sheet has all the properties that are in Microsoft Excel, but there are some properties of Google Sheet which are not in Microsoft Excel. For Example sharing property. 

Sharing Ability:

This quality of Google Sheet is very good in which you can share a Spreadsheet to a number of people and all can work on that sheet at the same time.

To share any Google Sheet, you need to take the following steps –

Click on the share button on the right side of the sheet

Google Sheets - Share
Google Sheets – Share

If you have not already given the name of the sheet, then a dialog box will open in front of you, where you will have to give the name of your sheet or you can also skip it. If you skip this, then it will be the name of the sheet as its default name “Untitled Spreadsheet”.

Google Sheets - Share
Google Sheets – Share

After saving the sheet, you will see a second dialog box where a TextBox will have “Add People and Groups”. In this textbox you have to write their email with whom you want to share this seat. And then you have to click on Done, this seat will be shared with the person of the email id mentioned.

Google Sheets - Share
Google Sheets – Share
  • Along with sharing, you can also put some conditions with the seat, such as the seat you are sharing can only see it or can edit something in it, you can also put all this condition.
  • You can set three types of conditions to Google Sheet.
    • Viewer – If you give a viewer permission to the seat you are sharing, then that person can only see your seat and will not be able to edit anything.
    • Commenter – If you give the permission of the Commenter to the seat you are sharing, then that person can comment on it by looking at your seat, through which you can improve the seat.
    • Editor – If you give the editor’s permission to the seat that you are sharing, then that person can also see the cold, can also improve it and can also give comments in it.
Google Sheets - Share
Google Sheets – Share

Limitation of Google Sheet:

The biggest drawback of Google Sheet is that you can only work on it online and not offline. This means that you cannot use Google Sheet without an internet connection.

I hope you have received the basic information of Google Sheet through this post of mine. I will keep posting about Google Sheet in the future as well. Therefore, you are requested to keep reading this blog regularly. I keep posting similar knowledge-enhancing posts for you. If you have any other query regarding Google Sheet, you can comment in the comment box below or can also mail me at pr***********@gm***.com.

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