Introduction to Programming Language

I mostly found that children start doing programming courses, but they do not know a programming language. Due to which they start to cram programming and sometimes are not proficient in programming. To become proficient in programming, you must go through all the basic programming principles. So today in this blog post we know the first fundamental principle of programming “programming language”.

What is a programming language?:

To explain “Programming Language”, we should understand “Programming” and “Language” separately. So let’s first explain what “Language”?


The words and sentences that we use in daily life are commonly known as language. These languages ​​are known as natural languages, Such as Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Latin, French, etc. But you should be asked whether you can describe the definition of language? So most of the people will not answer, because we never thought that language can have any definition.

To understand the definition of language, I will give you an example through which you will be able to understand the definition of language.

Suppose a foreigner came to visit his country and started bathing in a river. Unaware of the depth of the river, he went into a deeper area and started drowning as he slipped. That’s when he started asking for help to save himself in his language. A person from there saw him but could not understand his language and still saved him.

So the question here is how can anyone help someone without understanding the language of someone? So the answer is that we can understand what someone is looking for by looking at their body language, like the language of the drowning person could not be understood, but it was clear to the other person from the response he was giving. That the drowning person needed help and saved him.

It is clear from the above example, that it is not compulsory for any particular language to speak to each other, but we can also speak through gestures. In this way, we can define language as “Language is a medium used to express the expression of a person to another”.

So in this way I think you must have understood what the language is called. So let us now understand what is called “Programming” and how we can define it.

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As you have now understood what the language is called. For the use of this language, we have made some rules in people, like for using Hindi, we have S.O.V. (Subject, Ovejet, Verb) rule is used, whereas in English language we use S.V.O. (Subject Verb Object) rule. We can call these rules only programs. That is, the rules used for the use of any language are called programs and the way to use them is called programming.

For the definition of programming, first of all we should know the definition of the program which is something like “Set of instructions is called program” and programming is called the way of writing these instructions.

Till now we have understood the programming language in a general way and now we understand it according to the computer.For this, look at the picture given below carefully.

Introduction to Programming Language
Introduction to Programming Language

In this picture, you see a computer on one side and a user on the other side. And you also know that computers know machine language while users know the natural language. So the problem here is that how will the user give instructions to the computer? Because the computer is a known living thing, how can we get some work done from it? For this, computer scientists created a language in the computer that users and computers can understand easily and a program explain the computer that works to convert this particular language into machine language, which is known as the compiler. In this way, we can easily do any work with a computer. So let us now explain how we can define the programming language-

“Programming language is an intermediary language between the user and the computer.”

I sincerely hope that through this post of yours, what is the programming language? It must have been well understood. However, if you have not understood anything, then you can comment on me in the comment box or mail me at

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