New WhatsApp reaction feature went live

WhatsApp has started rolling out its new WhatsApp reaction feature. This will make chatting convenient and fun for the users. Let us know how the new feature of WhatsApp will work?

There is good news for WhatsApp users, because after a long wait from WhatsApp, the WhatsApp reaction feature has been rolled out. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of WhatsApp owned company Meta gave information about this from his Facebook page. Zuckerberg said that from May 5, 2022, the rollout of the WhatsApp Reaction feature has started. Initially 6 emoji have been rolled out by WhatsApp. This includes emojis like thumbs-up, heart, laughing, surprise, sad and thanks. Mark Zuckerberg has announced that some new emoji will be launched in the coming days.

New WhatsApp reaction feature went live

What is WhatsApp’s reaction feature?

Actually, the WhatsApp reaction feature, as the name suggests, allows you to share your expression on any chat with the help of emoji without a text message. Such a feature already exists on Facebook. At present, the feature of replying with emoji is available on WhatsApp. But the feature of reacting with emoji has been launched. For which you will not have to go to the chat box and select the emoji. Users will be able to react with emoji by simply long pressing on the message.

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Whatsapp Reaction Features
New WhatsApp reaction feature went live

How to use it?

First update your WhatsApp. Android users can update WhatsApp from Google Play Store and iOS users from Apple App Store. The WhatsApp chat you want to reply to, open that WhatsApp chat. Then press and hold that chat. After this a pop-up message will come. There will be many types of emoji in this message. Select the emoji you want to reply to. A total of 6 emoji will appear in the pop-up message. One of these has to be selected. The reply of which will appear at the bottom of the message.

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