Top 10 Google URLs

Today in this article, we are going to find the top Top 10 Google URLs, which will help an internet user, to use the phone or laptop in the right way online, here we will find the Top 10 URLs which are related to some website of Google and help the people. To make your control over internet searches and mobile usage, have you ever thought that if you use Google. So how does Google know where you are?

What did you type in Google’s search box? What do you like? And on your mobile and laptop as you think. Why do ads appear the same way? If you want to know about all these things. So you read the post very carefully and the links given. By opening them, you can see what and how Google does it?

Friends, if you have opened Google on your laptop or mobile, then whatever information is saved in your device in your laptop or mobile, Google saves it privately with you.

Here information about Google’s Top 10 URLs will be found, which is very useful. Because all this is not just a URL but a complete system that helps in using different features online. From these URLs of Google, you will get complete information from tracking the phone to deleting history from the Internet.

Google uses 10 important rules to save all your information. About which we are going to tell you today. Any user who is connected with the Internet definitely uses them. If he wants it or not, but if he searches on Google, any of these names, any website definitely works. For example, if you are saving the password, then it goes to the password manager, if you are doing some searching on the Internet, then it goes to the history. If you are using Map, then its information goes to Google Map.

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Google saves all your username and password in a list which is your username and password to log in to any website from Google Android or Chrome. You can enter any password and username on your computer or mobile from the link given below. When you open this URL on the browser, then all the information that you have created and saved your passwords here gets saved here.

Top 10 Google URLs
Top 10 Google URLs


Google makes a profile of you according to your interest (what you search in Google.). In which all the information about you is kept, including your name, age, gender, and what kind of website you are interested in. If you want to see what Google has made of your profile, then for this you click on the link given below.


If you use Google in your smartphone and your smartphone data has been deleted then you can also get it because Google saves all your data like google photos, YouTube videos, contacts, Gmail messages even all your YouTube videos. If you want to download your data back. So for that you have to click on the link given below.


If you have a website and you see that you have a website, then someone else is copying the content of the blog and putting it on your blog or website. For us you can complain (DMCA complaint) to Google. And as soon as your complaint reaches Google, Google will delete your content from that website. If you want to claim content copy on someone’s website or blog. Then click on the given link for that.


If you use an Android smartphone or Google Maps, then Google secretly saves all your location. Like where do you go the most? And to whom do you go? If you want to know this, then click on the link given below for this.

Top 10 Google URLs
Top 10 Google URLs


If you have a Gmail account and want to. If you have another Gmail account, instead of @ your name is (for example then for that you have to click on this link Click here.

7. ( Google Search engine)

Google saves all the keywords using which it has been searched from any of its Google services (You Tube, Search Box, Google speak). If you want to see what you have searched till date, click on the link given below for this from Google’s YouTube, search engine and Google Speak.

  • (Google Speak)
  • (YouTube Search Video)


You have to log in to any of your Gmail accounts at least once in 9 months. If you don’t do this. So Google terminates your account according to your terms and policy. In such a situation, if you use more than one Gmail account, then there may be a problem for you to know which account you logged in when. To solve this problem, Google has created a method by which you can set a reminder for one Gmail account by making the main account and in all other accounts.


If your Gmail account is hacked or someone else is using your Gmail account and you want to. Who and where is using your Gmail account by logging in. Can find out. Where is your Gmail being used?


If your smartphone is lost somewhere and you want to use the app. So to use it, Google Device Manager has to be opened. With Google Device Manager, you can ring your smartphone. View the location. You can also access it remotely in your smartphone. This website keeps information about all those who are connected with Google accounts. In such a situation, you can manage those devices and must have heard that if your Android phone is lost, then the Device Manager website can get information about it.

Friends, Top 10 URLs of Top 10 Google URLs Which is very important for you if you know about all these Google services. So hope you will be able to use your Gmail and Google account properly. These tips have been helpful for all of you. Hope you have liked the information and use Google, then you must keep these websites in mind so that when you use the internet, you can get all the information from your search and internet.

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