Top 5 new features coming to Truecaller

Top 5 new features coming to Truecaller: Truecaller has shared the roadmap of its 2022 product for Android users. What we mean by this is that the Swedish brand has shared five working Truecaller features for Android. Which is likely to come soon. The company says that Truecaller settings will be released for Android phones. The communication app believes that these new items can help users communicate best without the hassle of users.

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Top 5 new features coming to Truecaller

Voice Call Launcher –

Truecaller Voice Call Launcher is a one tap solution to find all your contacts with whom you can talk on Truecaller Voice (which is VoIP based calling).

Top 5 new features coming to Truecaller

Passcode Lock for SMS –

With these features you can protect your SMS. Get passcode lock / fingerprint authentication for added protection of your personal data.

Top 5 new features coming to Truecaller

Enhanced Call Logs –

Truecaller Call Log will now support 6400 entries, whereas the previous Truecaller version had only 1000 entries.

Top 5 new features coming to Truecaller

Correct Call Reason –

With New Truecaller APP you will be able to add reason for timely call. This means that your call is not being received by someone else, and if the phone is still ringing, you can talk and send a call reason if needed or you can type a custom call reason. that fits into those contacts.

Face Filters for Video Caller ID –

You can create Truecaller Video Caller ID with VR Powered Filters for Selfies. If you want to try out these new features, make sure you have the latest Truecaller Update copper. You can download Truecaller from Google Play Store for new Truecaller.

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