Types of Computer

There are many types of computer but when we talk about computers, only computers kept in homes or offices come to our mind, or we start thinking about laptops and notebooks.

But, computers are not limited to this only. Computers are all around us. We can keep them in different categories on the basis of size, application and functionality.

Mainly computers are divided into five types. But, here we have divided computers into only three main categories. But a fourth new category has also been included in this.

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Table of Content

Types of Computer

  1. Computer Type Based on Application
    • Analog Computer
    • Digital Computer
    • Hybrid Computer
  2. Computer Types by Purpose
    • General Purpose Computer
    • Special Purpose Computer
  3. Computer Types by Size
    • Micro Computer
    • Workstation
    • Mini Computer
    • Mainframe Computer
    • Supercomputer

Let us now take information about each computer.

Types of Computers (Based on Application)

1. Analog Computer

An analog computer is a machine that shows a physical quantity of data (pressure, temperature, length, height, etc.), these data are constantly changing.

The efficiency of this computer is fast. We get their result in the form of graph etc. Analog computer cannot store data. They are used in the fields of technology, science, education etc.

Thermometer is an analog computer.

2. Digital Computer

Types of Computer
Types of Computer

This computer is different from analog computer. A computer that processes information in digital form is called a digital computer.

Digital computers use the Binary System (0,1) to represent information in a digital form. This computer is capable of doing mathematical and logical work. For example, a Calculator.

They are somewhat slower than analog computers but more accurate in results. Digital computers can store information.

A digital computer counts and an analog computer measures.

3. Hybrid Computer

Types of Computer
Types of Computer

These computers have the characteristics of an analog computer and a digital computer. Hybrid Computer is faster than both these types of computers and the results are pure.

In these computers, the digital computer is there to perform a controller and digital work. At the same time, analog computers solve the problem.

They are used in the fields of complex mathematical equations, scientific calculations and defense etc. Petrol Pump Machine, Speedometer etc. are easy examples of Hybrid Computer.

Types of Computers Based on Purpose

1. General Purpose Computer

Types of Computer
Types of Computer

The computers we use today are almost all General Purpose Computers. You are reading this article on a general purpose computer and we have also prepared this article on a general purpose computer.

A general purpose computer is a computer that has the ability to perform many activities. Through this, you can write research papers, prepare the budget of your home, office, chart of sales of business, etc. can be done by a single machine. Desktop, Notebooks etc. are all general purpose computers.

2. Special Purpose Computer

Types of Computer
Types of Computer

As the name suggests, this type of computer is developed to perform a particular task. Their job is to do only one type of work.

For example, controlling transportation, forecasting the weather, etc. These types of computers are much faster than general purpose computers. But, these computers cannot perform different types of tasks like a general purpose computer.

Types of Computers (Based on Size)

1. Micro Computer

Microcomputer is a fast growing and widely used computer. It is cheaper and lighter than all types of computers. And is also the smallest in size.

This type of computer has been developed for general purpose like entertainment, education, home and office use etc. PCs, Notebooks, Laptops, PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) etc. are Micro Computers.

2. Work Station

Usually a computer that is connected to a network is called a work station. These are developed keeping business and professionals in mind. These computers are faster and more efficient than Micro Computers.

3. Mini Computer

Mini computers are also called ‘Mid range computers’. They are used by small businesses and commercial establishments. Mini computer is not developed for single user. They are used by a company to perform a specific task in a particular department.

4. Mainframe Computer

A Mainframe Computer is faster and more efficient than all the computers mentioned above. They are used by government establishments, big companies to store data. These computers are very big in size.

5. Super Computer

Super Computer is the fastest and most powerful computer ever made by man.

These computers are very large and expensive in size. They are used by large organizations in research work, weather forecasting, technology etc.

Summit Super Computer is the fastest super computer ever. Which was made in America.

India made its first supercomputer PARAM-8000 in the year 1991. Param Computer was developed by C-DAC, an organization of the Government of India.

After Param, many supercomputers have been built in India. And many are also included in the Top 500 Super Computers.

India’s fastest supercomputers are Pratyush and Mihir.

Modern Computers


Nowadays Cell Phones, which are called Mobile Phones in common language, can also perform many tasks done by computer. You can do Internet Browsing, Games, Documents, Calculation etc work in mobile phone. These are called Smartphones nowadays.


Wearable means wearable, that is, devices that can be worn on a particular part of the body, especially in the hand. These tools are made to perform a small part of a particular task. Smartwatches, Fitness Trackers etc. are Wearable Computers.

Game Console

Game Console is a special type of computer. Which is used to play video games on TV. As; Xbox, Play Stations etc.


Nowadays TV i.e. Television can also be kept in the category of computer. Because even on TV you can do internet, online shopping, video streaming etc.

What have you learned?

In this article, we have given you complete information about different types of computers. You have learned about different types of computers and at the same time you have also become familiar with modern computers.

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