What is mouse in computer?

In this post we are going to learn what is mouse in computer. We all learn computer but not everyone knows about the part of computer. In view of these problems, I am going to tell the small parts of the computer one by one. In this post, I am going to explain what is mouse and how mouse is used in computer.

  • M – Manually
  • O – Operated
  • U – User
  • S – Selection
  • E – Equipment

Mouse definition

Mouse is an input device which we use to give instructions to the computer. We also call the mouse a pointing device. A mouse is a pen arrow and a cursor that enter data into the computer. The main function of the mouse is to control the cursor and point. The mouse was invented in 1968 by Douglas C. Engelbert. Douglas first made the mouse out of wood, but in view of modern work, different types of mouse have been created in the world.

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The mouse has three buttons.

  1. Left button
  2. Right button
  3. Scroll button

Left button –

The left button is on the left side of the mouse, which is used more than other buttons in the computer. By this button we can select or open any file or folder.

Right button -Essential Block Advanced Heading

The right button is located on the right side of the mouse, which is used to know the properties of a file or folder and activate all the options related to the file.

Scroll button –

The scroll button is the round shape between the two buttons of the mouse. The scroll button is used to move up and down the pages of a web page or any program in the computer.

What is DPI button?

I am going to talk about such a button of the mouse which may not be known to everyone, so let’s know what is the DPI button.
The DPI button is a button that is neither used nor found in an ordinary mouse. This button is found in a mouse made for a gaming purpose.
DPI means Dot per inch i.e. we can increase or decrease the distance of the mouse pointer according to the pixels covered by the DPI button.

Use of Mouse in Computer
Use of Mouse in Computer

Use of mouse in computer

Mouse is an input device through which we transmit data to the computer. The use of mouse in computer is like this.


Mouse in computer is mostly used to select a file or folder by clicking it. To click here means, by moving the pointer on any file or folder in the computer and pressing the buttons of the mouse, it is called click. Friends, whenever a file or folder has to be selected, we move the cursor on that file or folder and click it once.

Double click –

The process of clicking the left mouse button twice in a computer is called double click. While working in the computer, when we have to open any file or folder, then we double click.

Right click –

The process of clicking the button on the right side of the mouse in a computer once is called right click. It is used to rename, delete, cut, copy refersh to the name of a file or folder or to know the properties of the folder.

Friends, when we right click on any file or folder or any image, then all such options (rename, copy, cut, delete) are visible but when we right click on empty places on the desktop then refresh option appears whose Refresh the computer using.

Drag & Drop –

The process of moving a file or folder from one place to another in a computer is called drag and drop. We all know that while working in the computer, sometimes a file or folder or image has to be moved from one place to another, so first of all we have to drag the left button of the mouse on the file or folder that we want to drag. Click the bar and then by pressing the same button, move the file or folder with the mouse and leave it in another place.

Type of mouse-

There are mainly three types of mouse.

  • Mechanical mouse
  • Optical mouse
  • Wireless mouse

Mechanical mouse

The mechanical mouse was invented in 1992 by Bill English. The mouse was the first to be used in computers, in which a ball made of rubber was attached. With the help of this ball, the mouse used to move up, down, left, right. Move here means to move the mouse. We also know it by the name of ball mouse.

Use of Mouse in Computer
Use of Mouse in Computer

Optical mouse

The optical mouse is used in the present day personal computers. The optical mouse works on the basis of LED – light emitting diode and DSP – digital signal processing. The optical mouse was invented in 1981 by Logical Company. In this, instead of a ball, a laser light is installed, through which this mouse works.

Wireless mouse

This mouse is based on radio frequency without wires, which we call wireless mouse. The design of optical and wireless is the same. There is a transmitter inside the wireless mouse, whose receiver is connected to the CPU. This mouse connects to the USB port (universal serial bus) which we call the receiver. The battery is used to operate the wireless mouse. It was invented in 1991 by Logical Company.

Use of Mouse in Computer
Use of Mouse in Computer

Track ball mouse

The track ball mouse was similar to the optical mouse, but instead of a laser light, it had a track ball. To move the track ball mouse, we used to move it around with the help of our fingers and thumb. It was very difficult and time consuming to work on it.

Stylus mouse

Friends, the stylus mouse was invented by Gorden Stewert, which is the size of a pen. It is mostly used in any touching device.

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