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What is Boolean Algebra in Computer Science?

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Definition of Boolean Algebra: Boolean algebra is a branch of algebra that is mainly used for the operation of logic circuits in digital electronics. Boolean Algebra is mathematics by following whose principles or rules all logic gates work and all electronic circuits are designed with the help of these different logic gates.

Boolean Algebra mainly deals with binary numbers, it has only two variables 1 and 0, where 1 means True and 0 means False.

History of Boolean Algebra: Its basic rules were first formulated by the mathematician (mathematician) of England George Boole (George Boole) in 1847 and published the principles of Boolean algebra in his book “The Mathematical Analysis of Logic”. did. After George Boole, many different scientists did various types of research in the field of mathematical logic and published their theories.

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After this, the laws of Boolean Algebra, a scientist named Claude Shannon (Claude Shannon), can be used in electronic circuits while studying circuits in the 1930s. After this, Claude Shannon used Boolean algebra in the design of circuits with the help of logic gates.

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Characteristics of Boolean Algebra

What is Boolean in Computer Science?
What is Boolean in Computer Science?
  • It is mathematics based on logic, in which all logical prepositions are expressed in the form of algebraic equations.
  • Boolean is completely based on binary number that means it mainly consists of two variables, the first is 0 means False or False and the second is 1 means True or True.
  • In traditional mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are performed, but in Boolean Algebra there are only three operations in contrast: NOT, AND and OR.
  • The NOT operation provides the opposite number of a binary number. For example, if you perform NOT operation on binary number 1 then the answer will be 0 and if you do NOT operation on 0 then the answer will be 1.
  • In AND operation, there are two inputs at the same time. If both the inputs are 1 then the output is 1 otherwise the output is 0. AND means to multiply.
  • In OR operation there are also two inputs simultaneously. If both the inputs are 0 then the output will be 0 and if there is 1 anywhere in the input then the output is 1. OR means to add.
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Boolean Laws

The 8 main principles of Boolean are as follows:

  • Annulment Law:- A.0 = 0, A + 1 = 1
  • Identity Law :- 1 = A, A + 0 = A
  • Idempotent Law:- A + A = A, AA = A
  • Complement Law:- A + A’ = 1 , A.A’ = 0
  • Commutative Law:- A + B = B + A, AB = BA
  • Double Negation Law:- ((A)’)’=A
  • Associative law:- A+(B+C) = (A+B)+C, A.(BC) = (AB).C
  • Distributive law:- (B+C) = A , A + AB = A
  • Absorption law:- A.(A+B) = A , A + AB = A
  • De Morgan law:- (AB)’ = A’ + B’ , (A+B)’ = A’.B’

Advantages of Boolean

  • Digital Circuits: The principles of Boolean Algebra to make digital circuits used in all the electronic devices we use in our everyday life such as Computer, Laptop, Mobile Phone, Digital Radio, Television etc. is used. That is, all these tools that make everyday life easier have been made with the use of Boolean algebras.
  • Yes-No Results: It always gives output in Yes and No, never provides any third output. Therefore, its rules are used to develop different types of applications, robots, and machines with different types of properties and capabilities because it provides logical ability to electronic engineers and software developers.
  • Computer Programming: The logic of Boolean Algebra is used by the programmers to develop computer software, mobile applications, web applications etc. Boolean algebra is very easy to use in programming. They can be easily used with the source code of any programming language. This is also one of the main reasons for using Boolean algebra in programming.
  • Web Searches: – In search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., when a user searches by typing a few words with the desire to get any information according to his curiosity, then the search engine finds useful webpages for him out of millions of webpages. Boolean also uses the laws of Algebra to represent them.


In this article we have tried to understand the most basic calculation techniques of computer architecture Boolean Algebra. Although Boolean algebra is basically a branch of algebra, the same technique is used for computational work in sequential circuits and combinational circuits of all electronic devices.
Hope you liked this article on Boolean Algebra. If you have any suggestions or have any queries related to this article written on Boolean Algebra, then definitely tell us by writing in the comment box below.

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