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What is Google Slides and how to use it?

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Google Slides is a free presentation program. Which you must have heard about. And would have thought about using it too.

People doing online business use this free presentation program of Google a lot. Therefore, bloggers, freelancers, content writers and digital nomads are well aware of this free presentation tool.

Apart from these Webpreneurs (Online Entrepreneurs), users looking for an alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint also end their search by coming to Google Slides.

Hearing so much praise, a question must be coming in your mind that what is this Google Slides? How and where is Google Slides used?

So wait a bit. This Google Slides guide has been prepared to answer these questions. In this complete information about Google Slides has been given. This Google Slides guide has been divided into the following sections for the convenience of study.

What is Google Slides?

Google Slides is a free web-based presentation program. Which is a core part of the Google Suite along with Google Docs and Google Sheets. Through this, editing, creating, preparing notes, group discussions, updating slides etc. can be done easily online.

Google Slides is available online for free for both business and personal users. And easily accessible via Google Drive (cloud-storage service).

Like powerful presentation programs like Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote, all work can be done online through Google Slides. You do not need to install any software on your computer or laptop.

Together, you can prepare a presentation in the group by sharing any slide with other users. Different roles can be assigned to each user and there is also a facility to see the changes by going to the revision. Google Slides program is providing this facility to its users through Online Collaboration feature.

Due to this powerful feature, online businesses, professionals and freelancers prefer Google Slides. And prepare your notes, presentations in Google Slides itself.

Brief History of Google Slides

What is Google Slides?

What is Google Slides?
What is Google Slides?

Google Slides was launched along with Google Docs for general users on March 9, 2006. It is currently owned by Google Inc. And the responsibility of updating and handling it is also with Google itself.

Google introduced this tool as an online presentation program for G Suite. Which was made by Tonic System. But, this company was acquired by Google. Therefore, this product is called the product of Google.

However, it has got this form after the acquisition of DocVerse. The technology of this company has given this presentation tool the real ability to work online. And today it is providing its services to users in more than 80 languages.

After the acquisition of QuickOffice, the Google Slides mobile app also became available to users. Apart from Android, which is available free for iOS, Blackberry, Windows and new mobile operating systems.

Now the accessibility of Google Slides has doubled. Because apart from the mobile app, it is already accessible through all the major browsers through the website.

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Advantages of Google Slides

What is Google Slides

The Google Slides program is available online for free. This is its biggest feature. And for this reason it is giving competition to Microsoft’s PowerPoint program.

Apart from the free availability, Google Slides also has other benefits (Google Slides Benefits). Which are being told below.

  • Free available
  • Cloud-based app
  • Action item
  • Online sharing possible
  • Multi-device access
  • Add-on facility
  • PowerPoint friendly
  • Availability of templates
  • Various file formats support
  • Updated software
  • Offline work possible
  • Easy to use

What is Google Slides


1. Free Available

Google Slides is available for free to all internet users. Any internet user can access this free presentation tool for free from any of their devices.

For this, no fee of any kind is charged by Google. Only, you have to spend money for internet data. Which goes to the Internet service provider and not to Google.

Despite being free, the features and functions of Google Slides are no less than any premium presentation tool. You can deal with all the presentation work through this free tool.

2. Cloud-based app

What is Google Slides?
What is Google Slides?

After the development of cloud technology, the demand for SaaS products has also started increasing. And all the software developing companies are converting their products into service.

Google Slides has proved to be smarter than all the software in this matter. Because, it is born on the cloud itself. It is not allowed to be used on the side of offline software.

Its benefit is getting equal to both Google and the users. And both are happy.

Now users have got freedom from pressing Ctrl + S again and again. He has no fear of data loss due to power cut, hard disk failure. Because, all the data keeps on auto syncing.

This data is saved in Google’s cloud storage service Google Drive. 15 GB free cloud storage is available for personal users. Which can be increased by paying some monthly or annual fee.

In this cloud storage, even a letter typed by the users is automatically saved on the cloud. Which you can access anytime, anywhere. You just need to have internet enabled on your device.

What is Google Slides

3. Action Item

This feature is not available in all presentation programs. Therefore, Google Slides surpasses its competitors.

Thanks to this action iterator feature, you can identify the changes made in the slide and the users by whom the changes have been made. His roll and changes made can also be seen.

When more than two users are working on a slide. Then this feature proves to be very useful.

What is Google Slides

4. Online sharing and editing possible

Like Google Docs and Google Sheets, Google Slides also has online group discussion and editing features.

You can invite your colleagues, colleagues to work together by giving permission to any slide by weblink or creating a user.

By doing this, the invited users work together on the respective project together. Any user can add, remove and change the information on his own behalf.

All these changes are visible to other users along with the name of the working user and its current role. And all these changes keep getting saved as revision.

If you want to make a presentation public, then it can be done by sharing the weblink. Because the Google Slides tool provides a unique URL for each presentation.

Through this slide URL, any person can access the related presentation through the browser.

What is Google Slides

5. Multi-Device Access

What is Google Slides and how to use it
What is Google Slides and how to use it

It is possible to access the Google Slides presentation program in several ways. Because, for this no special computer or laptop is needed.

Nor do you have to pay a hefty fee to purchase a software license like Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote.

You can access this tool through any browser. This powerpoint program can be used by all major browsers.

Its website and extension have been developed for computers and laptops. And it has a mobile app for mobiles, tablets and other small devices.

Which is currently available for free of cost download in Google Play Store for Android users. iPhone users can download this app for free from the App Store and other mobile users from their App Store.

What is Google Slides

6. Add-on Facility

You can increase its capability further by adding add-ons to Google Slides. And you can take advantage of the convenience of third party features.

You know that an add-on is a small file that works in any program from outside to increase its capabilities and features.

Therefore, a number of add-ons have been made available in the Google Chrome Store to enhance the capabilities of Google Slides and add additional functions. Which can be installed and used.

You get dozens of extensions for the same task. Out of which the functionality of Google Slides can be increased by choosing and installing the add-on of your choice.

What is Google Slides

7. PowerPoint Friendly

Most of the Microsoft Office users are getting attracted towards Google Slides. That’s why this program has been made PowerPoint friendly.

You can easily convert your PowerPoint presentations to Google Slides. and can be made usable.

Due to this feature, PowerPoint users do not have to face any initial inconvenience when switching to Google Slides. Rather, they feel more at ease.

Converting PowerPoint presentations to slides through the Import feature of Google Slides does not change their formatting and other settings. You can start from where you stop working.

What is Google Slides

8. Availability of templates

You have to prepare a presentation on product review. But, don’t know what to do?

Which template to start with, what elements to add, how to prepare slides?

The solution to this kind of dilemma is available with Google Slides in the form of built-in templates. You can start creating presentations by sorting the templates available here by theme and category.

This presentation program has been developed for online users who like online speed. And these templates are performing this task very well.

Hundreds of free templates are available in the template gallery. Apart from this, many online services also provide templates.

What is Google Slides

9. Various file format support

Apart from presentation, you can download Google Slides in PDF format. Along with this, by giving the form of video, you can bring life to the presentation.

This file format is just a hallmark. Apart from these, about a dozen file formats are supported by Google Slides. Whose names are given below.

  • .ppt
  • .pptx
  • .pptm
  • .pps
  • .ppsx
  • .pot
  • .potx
  • .potm

What is Google Slides

10. Updated software

Premium presentation programs like Microsoft Powerpoint, Keynote, once purchased, have to pay a separate fee for their new features or new versions. After that we are able to work on the latest version.

But, all these hassles do not have to be faced in Google Slides. All users are treated equally here. Therefore, every new feature is made available to all users immediately.

If some major changes have been made in the software. So after getting them tested by beta users, they are made available free of cost to all users.

In this way all the users work on the up-to-date version at all times. Therefore, the interface remains the same available. Which makes it easy to train new users.

What is Google Slides

11. Offline work possible

Due to the demand of users and the limitation of technology, it has been possible to work offline on Google Slides.

You know. Internet may not be available all the time. And not every user can keep themselves connected to the net. Because, many human, natural and technical problems remain standing. which cannot be resolved immediately.

So, when you google “how to work offline on google slides”, you get hundreds of tutorials, blog posts, videos. In which step by step method has been taught how you can use Google Slides offline.

We are also telling you a way below for your convenience. Through which you can work offline on Google Slides.

How to Use Offline Google Docs

  • Step: #1 – Go to the home screen of Google Slides on computer or laptop.
  • Step: #2 – Now going to the top left side, click on Main Menu.
  • Step: #3 – From the main menu click on Settings.
  • Step: #4 – Enable “Offline” access from Settings.
  • Step: #5 – Then open Google Slides in Chrome browser. And start working offline.

What is Google Slides?

Pay Attention

Before following the above mentioned steps “Google Docs Offline Chrome Extension” must be installed in Chrome browser. And complete the whole process only in the normal tab (not private) of Chrome browser.

12. Easy to use

Users who have worked on Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Program. It is very easy for them to work on Google Slides. They get acquainted with it in no time.

Anyway, the interface of Google Slides has been made very simple and clean. There is not a lot of commands and tools here.

Only a few commands and tools are placed in the toolbar. The rest of the functions are hidden in the menu bar.

After learning the basics of Google Slides, you can easily work on it and prepare your own notes, speaker slides deck, presentation etc. After this, by taking advanced training of Google Slides, you can try to enroll in the category of its professional users.

What is Google Slides?

Disadvantages of Google Slides

What is Google Slides and how to use it
What is Google Slides and how to use it

Everything has two sides. One positive and the other negative. If Google Slides has its advantages then it also has some disadvantages.

Google Slides is available for free. Therefore, it is possible to overlook its shortcomings.

The question is, should we assess anything only on the basis of price?

No. This should not happen at all. Therefore, we are discussing here some of the drawbacks of Google Slides. So that you can form your own opinion about this presentation program.

  • Google Slides is a cloud based app. So internet is needed to access the data. Which is not always possible.
  • Offline work can be done. But, without internet, that work is not updated. therefore. The work done offline is saved only in your device. Which you will not be able to access online.
  • It has to work in the browser. Hence, there is a problem of concentrating. Because in the web browser you keep many tabs open.
  • Has less powerful features than other presentation programs. It proves to be inferior when compared to the desktop version.

What is Google Slides?

How to Use Google Slides?

Google Slides can be accessed anytime on any Internet-enabled device via a browser only. There is no need for any special computer or device for this.

Here we are telling three main methods. Through which you can access Google Slides whenever you want.

  • Google Slides Official Website
  • Google Drive
  • Google Slides Mobile App

What is Google Slides?

1. Google Slides Website

The easiest and most reliable way to access Google Slides is through the official website of the presentation program. Through which you can access this tool in any internet device only through browser.

The web-address of Google Slides is as follows.


By clicking on this website directly or searching by copying it in the address bar of the browser installed on your device, you reach the home screen of Google Slides.

Once here you are asked to log in. So to login you use google account. For your information, let us tell you that Google account and Gmail ID are all the same.

If you do not have a Google Account, then you can use this tool by creating a new Google Account.

Pay Attention

If you search this web-address in Google Chrome browser, then there is no need to log in. Therefore, for better access, speed, security and control, use Google Slides in the Chrome browser itself.

What is Google Slides

2. Google Drive

Google Slides can also be accessed through Google’s cloud-storage service Google Drive. This method works on both the web version and the mobile app.

Through Google Drive, you get access to popular apps like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms and Google Slides from one place. You do not need to install separate tools.

How to access Google Slides from Google Drive is being explained below.

  • Step: #1 – Open Google Drive.
  • Step: #2 – Then click on New.
  • Step: #3 – Now from the available options first select Google Slides then click on Blank Slide.
  • Step: #4 – By doing this, Google Slides will open in front of you.
Introduction to Google Sheets
What is Google Slides and how to use it

What is Google Slides

3. Mobile App

Not everyone can have a computer or laptop. But, every person can buy a smartphone. By which he can also deal with other daily tasks apart from making calls.

Understanding this shortcoming by Google, Google Slides mobile app has been developed for the convenience of the users. Through which you will be able to access this free presentation tool with a single tap.

The Google Slides mobile app is available for free for Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile and other mobile platforms. Which Android users can download from the Google Play Store, iPhone users from the App Store and other mobile users from the App Store of the respective operating system.

Now you must be wondering how to download Google Slides app?

So the answer is given below. You will be able to download the app just by following the given steps.

  • Step: #1 – First of all go to Google Play Store
  • Step: #2 – Now search by typing “google slides” in the search box
  • Step: #3 – Select Google Slides from the results received or tap on this link – Google Slides App
  • Step: #4 – Now install the app by tapping on the Install button.
  • Step: #5 – Once installed, tap on Open and follow the on screen instructions to launch the app.

What is Google Slides?

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How to Learn Google Slides?

Now the question comes that how do we learn Google Slides?

So let us tell you at your convenience. Learning Google Slides is very easy. You will find ways to learn its basic training to advanced level training.

On the one hand, you have used Microsoft Powerpoint. So using Google Slides is a left-handed game for you.

If you are new, then you are starting with Google Slides. Then you can learn Google Slides by choosing any of the methods mentioned below.

  • Take online course
  • Buy books
  • Get help from the internet
  • Go to google help center
  • Learn MS office

What is Google Slides

1. Take an Online Course

Learning a new skill through online courses is a fast and smart way.

Online courses save your precious time. Along with the low cost and availability of instructor at all times make them more effective than traditional courses.

Therefore, you can also start teaching by taking admission by finding the best online courses to learn Google slides on any online education portal.

  • Udemy
  • KhanAcademy
  • Coursera
  • SkillShare
  • Lynda

These few names are just a hallmark. If you start searching for online video courses on Google Slides on the Internet, you will find dozens of such education portals.

One such popular and affordable education platform is Udemy Learning Portal. By going here, you can find the best Google Slides course and start training by taking admission.

What is Google Slides?

2. Buy books

Books have proved to be the most faithful friend of us humans. The theoretical knowledge of any subject can be learned through them.

Therefore, you can also use books to learn Google Slides. You will find books teaching Google Slides in the market at book stores.

Along with this, you can also start learning by visiting online shopping portals like Amazon and buying the best Google Slides books.

Your time is saved by shopping online. Also save some money as well. And it becomes easy to find the book too.

What is Google Slides?

3. Get help from the internet

What is Google Slides and how to use it
What is Google Slides and how to use it

The Internet is full of information. And this store is unlimited. The more you dig, the more information you will get.

When you google this term “learn free google slides”. Then thousands of websites will come in front of you. Which claims to teach Google Slides.

Sorting out some genuine and useful websites from these thousands of websites is like quail to the blind.

Therefore, it will prove a bit difficult for you to access these websites. To save your precious time and hassle, we have found some websites. Free Google Slides tutorials are published on these sites.

You will learn from the beginning through the Google Slides Beginners Guide on these websites. Because, the basic has been taught here first. After this we will move towards advance training.

What is Google Slides?

4. Visit the Google Help Center

If you want to learn from Google, then Google Help Center is made for you.

Because, there are different help centers for all the products of Google. By which guides of all kinds of problems related to products are published online.

You can also take help of Help Center to learn Google Slides. Here, two types of teaching arrangements have been made.

  • Help Articles
  • Community

Help Articles – You will find dozens of articles about Google Slides on the Help Center website. By which you can learn how to use this presentation program.

You can access these help articles online through the Help Center website of the Google Slides tool. Whose web-address is given below.

Google slides help center

Community – A platform has been provided to the millions of users using the Google Slides tool. Which is called the Google Slides community.

Through this platform all the members help each other among themselves. You can ask your questions by subscribing to the community, you can tell the solution to someone’s problem.

Click on the link below to join the Google Slides community and get help and help.

Google slides community

What is Google Slides?

5. Learn MS Office

You will easily get the training of Google Slides online. But, you will get it according to your need. We do not believe so.

Because, most of the training courses, tutorials are available in English language. Which is useless for those who do not know English. Anyway, we Indians are more attached to our mother tongue. Therefore, if knowledge is also acquired in the mother tongue, then it becomes pleasant to sleep.

The solution to this problem is to learn MS Office.

That’s why we are saying this. MS Powerpoint and Google Slides are both tools designed for the same purpose. And the interface of both is almost the same.

After working on Powerpoint, you will easily start using Google Slides.

The second thing is that office training is easily available to you. Office is also taught along with basic computer course in any local computer institute.

Hence, learning MS Office is more convenient and better. To learn this, you can take the help of internet, books, online courses and institute training. And can kill two victims with one arrow.

What is Google Slides?

Difference between Google Slides and PowerPoint

What is Google Slides and how to use it
What is Google Slides and how to use it

It is a common question that comes in everyone’s mind that what is the difference between Powerpoint and Google Slides? Which program is better for google slides and powerpoint?

Words fall short to answer these questions and a complete blog post will not complete the comparison between Google Slides and PowerPoint.

But, to satisfy your convenience and curiosity, we have made a small effort. And the comparative study of these two presentation programs is being done below.

With this comparison, you will be able to decide for yourself which program is the right one and whether you should go with Google Slides or does PowerPoint win the game?

  • Google Slides is available for free to all users. But, MS PowerPoint is available only to the subscribers. Meaning, the users who bought it. Only those users are able to get access to PowerPoint.
  • Also, it can be used only on one device. Because, Microsoft issues license for one device only. A separate software license has to be purchased for additional devices.
  • Google Slides is available for free to all users. But, MS PowerPoint is available only to the subscribers. Meaning, the users who bought it. Only those users are able to get access to PowerPoint.
  • Also, it can be used only on one device. Because, Microsoft issues license for one device only. A separate software license has to be purchased for additional devices.
  • Google Slides is a cloud-based presentation program. That’s why even a single character typed by you keeps getting autosave. But, this facility will not be available in PowerPoint. You have to rely on Ctrl + S.
  • Google Slides can be downloaded in PDF. And you can export PowerPoint presentation in video format along with PDF. But, this feature is present in both the tools. Therefore, the case seems to be equal.
  • You can work together by inviting friends to Google Slides. Which is limited in PowerPoint.
  • PowerPoint is not compatible with smaller devices. Therefore, Google Slides goes a step ahead here.
  • However, the professional interface and powerful features of PowerPoint make it the first choice for business and professional users.

What is Google Slides?

What have you learned?


In this post, we have given you complete information about Google Slides Presentation Program. You know what is Google Slides, how to use it and what is the difference between Google Slides and MS PowerPoint?

Along with this, you have also known the advantages and disadvantages of Google Slides tool.

We hope that this information on Google Slides will prove useful to you. And besides learning the basics of Google Slides, it will help you to learn advanced training of Google Slides.

At last you are requested to share this post with your friends. So that they too can know and learn about this free presentation program.

You can also visit my Hindi youtube channel.

What is Google Slides

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