What Is Internet? – Advantage and Disadvantage

In this post, What is Internet? – Advantage and Disadvantage, we will learn everything about internet In today’s era, almost every person uses the Internet and today many tasks are done sitting at home through the Internet. when and who started.

The full form of the Internet is International Network, which means international network, it is an international network that connects two or more computers wirelessly, through which we can send the existing information in the computer from one computer to another. and can be received from one computer to another.

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What is Internet?

it is a network of millions of computers, that is, the Internet is a network in which millions of computers are connected to each other internationally, through which information is exchanged from one computer to another, this information Image Can be in the form of text, video, and audio.


What Is Internet?

Some examples to understand internet better:-

  1. As if you send a message from your mobile to a person through WhatsApp, then that information reaches the person’s mobile on WhatsApp, “Mobile is also a small computer in which information can be exchanged.”
  2. When you search a question by going to a web browser from your mobile or computer and by clicking on a link, you get the answer of your question by going to the website, then that information also reaches your computer and mobile from any computer, which Server Computer is called and in which you are getting information is called Clint Computer. For example, if you come to this article by shearing your question “What is Internet?” in the web browser, then this information has also reached your Clint Computer/Mobile from a Sever Computer through the Internet.
  3. Like you watch a video in Youtube, that video also reaches your computer from a server computer through the Internet. To exchange all this information in the Internet, there are many protocols which are called Internet Protocol.

Just as there are some rules for doing all the work, in the same way some rules have been made for sending and receiving data / information from one computer to another computer which is called internet protocol, these protocols Through the Internet, information is sent and received in a secure and right place.

What is the impact of internet in our life?

What Is Internet? -  Advantage and Disadvantage
What Is Internet? – Advantage and Disadvantage

What Is Internet?

In today’s time, the Internet has made its place in the homes of the people, almost all the people of this era use the Internet, today Internet has become a necessity of the people, without which many work can stop With the advent of the Internet, many tasks of a person have become very easy, such as today we do not have to go to the railway station or airport to do the work like booking train tickets, booking flight tickets, we book tickets through the internet while sitting at home. At the same time, today we are able to do shopping sitting at home through the Internet, in today’s time, work is done through the Internet in the office of every company, whether the company is private or government.

Today we can also transfer money from our bank account to any other account through our computer using service like e-banking with the help of internet, similarly we get many facilities from internet.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

As we know that anything has some benefits and it also has some disadvantages.

What Is Internet?

Benefits of Internet

  • With the help of internet we can get any type of information
  • With internet we can pay bills like electric bill, mobile data bill, d2h bill sitting at home
  • You can do shopping sitting at home from the internet and we can buy the goods at the right price without any bargaining.
  • With the help of internet, you can earn some money sitting at home by making YouTube videos, blocking and many other ways.
  • From the Internet, we can entertain ourselves by listening to music or watching a video.
  • We can get any latest news and information through internet immediately.
  • We can talk to our friends sitting at home through social media in the internet.

Disadvantages of Internet

  • Any virus can come in our computer from internet which can spoil our computer.
  • It is a waste of time when the Internet is used to get information, it uses the Internet to do its work, that is right but some people get addicted to the Internet, due to which they spend all their time in the Internet. spends only
  • Spamming is also a disadvantage of the Internet, as we see many times, many such emails keep coming on our email which are of no use to us, we call it Spam Mail.
  • Excessive use of internet has many side effects like eye pain, weight gain, depressed feeling, headache etc.

The development and history of the invention of the Internet:

Internet was not invented at any one time and by any one scientist, it has been invented generation after generation with the cooperation of many scientists.

The Internet was first started in 1962 by the US Department of Defense, at this time America’s Defense Team wanted to create a wireless network through which all the computers of America’s Defense Team could connect to each other, no matter how far away that computer is. No “by this he wanted to transfer information rapidly from one place to another”

In 1962, a US computer scientist “J.C.R. Licklider” created an organization he named DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), through this organization he created a network, which he named Intergalactic Computer Network, its purpose was all of America’s defense systems. To connect computers to each other wirelessly so that they can send their secret messages or information from one place to another securely, fast and secretly

On October 9, 1969, DARPA attempted to send the world’s first message “Login” using this network to a computer at the Stanford Research Institute, 350 km from a computer at the University of California, but the Stanford Research Institute computer half the message “Lo Crashed just by sending “. Then later after some correction he is able to send this message.

Then in 1974, DARPA’s Chief Manager “Vint Cerf” and “Robert E. Kahn” designed TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) to connect two computers and send information correctly, which is still in use today.

Then on 1 January 1983, Vint Cerf and Robert E. Kahn created a unique ID for every computer, which is called IP Address, this made it easy to access the Internet in every computer and since then TCP has been used with IP. Then it was called TCP / IP, “TCP sends data / information and IP detects the address of the computer to which the information is to be sent.”

“Vint Cerf” and “Robert E. Kahn” are called Father of Internet

Then in 1983 itself, Paul Mockapetris invented domain names like .com, .in, .net, .gov etc. With the help of this, websites started being made by name, otherwise before going to any website, we had to remember its IP address (eg –

Then in 1989 Vint Cerf and Robert created the world’s first ISP i.e. “Internet Service Provider Company”, which was named “Telnet”, by which common people were allowed to use the Internet, otherwise before 1989 the Internet was only America’s Defense System. , used to be in Government Agency and Research University only

Internet in India was first introduced on August 15, 1995 by Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL). Later the name of VSNL was changed to BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited).

After this, many private ISP (internet service provider companies) came into existence in India till date like Jio, Airtel, VI etc. through which we are able to access internet today.

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(What Is Internet?)

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