What is MS PowerPoint and How to Learn?

MS PowerPoint, whose full name is ‘Microsoft PowerPoint’ and also known as ‘PowerPoint’, is a presentation program, which converts information into slides format with some multimedia features such as photo and voice Open, Create, Edit, Does the work of formatting, present, share and print etc.

MS PowerPoint is developed by Microsoft, MS PowerPoint is a part of Microsoft Office. The window of MS PowerPoint 365 is shown below.

What is MS PowerPoint and How to Learn?
What is MS PowerPoint and How to Learn?

You can also view it by opening MS PowerPoint on your computer. If you do not know how to open it, then you can learn to open it from the tutorial ‘How to open MS PowerPoint’. In this tutorial many ways to open MS PowerPoint have been described.

The window of MS PowerPoint is divided into several parts. Which are shown in the above picture with name through arrows. Let us know each part of the window of MS PowerPoint in sequence.

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1. File Tab

The File Tab is a major part of MS PowerPoint. This button is in the Tab Bar. This button has many options for the file or slide to be created in MS PowerPoint.

2. Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar is a special part of MS PowerPoint. This toolbar is in the Title Bar. We use it as a shortcut. Most of the useful commands are added to this toolbar and they are added to it. With the help of Quick Access Toolbar, work in MS PowerPoint can be done with little speed.

3. Title Bar

The title bar is the top part of the MS PowerPoint window. On this bar the name of the file created in MS PowerPoint is shown. The name of the file is not shown until the file is saved and “Presentation1” is written there.

As soon as we save the file with any name, then the file name is shown in place of “Presentation1”.

There are three buttons in the right corner of the title bar. In these three buttons, the first button is “Minimize”, clicking on which comes to the Open Program Task Bar. The second button is “Maximize or Restore down”. This button works to increase or decrease the width of the window. And the third button is “Close button”, which works to close the program.

4. Ribbon

The Ribbon is another part of the MS PowerPoint window. It is below the menu bar. The red part of the MS PowerPoint window shown in this lesson is the Ribbon. In this section, the options of MS PowerPoint tabs (which are in the options menu bar) are shown.

5. Tab Bar

The Tab Bar is located below the title bar in MS PowerPoint. Tab Bar has many options and each has its own ribbon.

6. Status Bar

The status bar is located just below the text area in MS PowerPoint. This bar has a tool called “Zoom Level”, with the help of which PowerPoint slides can be zoomed in and zoomed out. Apart from this, many tools are also there in this bar like; language, themes, slide number etc.

7. Text Area

Text Area is the most important part of MS PowerPoint. And it is the largest and middle part of the MS PowerPoint window. In MS PowerPoint it is called Slides. Presentation text is written in this area.

Characteristics of PowerPoint

1. Easy to use

You can use MS Powerpoint tool like other office tools like MS Word and MS Excel. Rather, it is simpler than these two tools.

You learn MS PowerPoint Basics after practicing for a few hours and gradually with the help of PowerPoint Advance Tutorials you can learn to make your presentation special and powerful through animations, transitions and special effects.

Together you learn to add sound, add video clips and use features like anti and exit.

2. Part of the Office Suite

PowerPoint is a major part of the MS Office suite. In which PowerPoint is also included after MS Word, Excel and OneNote. This is the most basic plan of Microsoft. You can also buy another plan to use other tools.

3. Trustworthy and reliable

Microsoft is the ruler of the computer world with Powerpoint. Therefore, trust and confidence comes with itself.

You will get the features of all the presentation tools available around the world in this premium tool. And if something is not understood or if something seems to be wrong then Microsoft Support is ready to help you 24 hours.

Hence, you can blindly trust this presentation tool and win hearts with your presentation skills by preparing your school and office presentations.

4. Animation Tools

MS Powerpoint comes with built-in animation tools. With the help of which you can make elements fun by applying various animation effects to them. Wow from the mouth of the audience as soon as they see it! Came out

Here you get animation effects in the category Entry Animations, Exit Animations. That is, a different animation can be applied on the entry of an element and a different animation on the exit.

5. Video Maker

The early versions of MS PowerPoint did not have the facility of video export. But, video feature has been added in later versions. The advantage of which is that you can convert your slide into a video and download it as a video and share it on various video platforms like YouTube, Facebook video etc.

6. Job Ready

After learning powerpoint, you use it not only for making presentations. This tool can also get you a job. You know that this tool is a part of Office. Hence, the demand for MS Office professionals is always there in the market.

Therefore, do not take this tool lightly. Rather, learn it with full dedication and hard work so that when you get a job, you do not keep looking at anyone’s face.

Where is the PowerPoint used?

Powerpoint tools are counted in productivity, office tools and graphics tools. Hence, PowerPoint is used for office work as well as for creating simple animations.

You can use PowerPoint to edit, add, remove slides, add pictures, add/remove animations, transitions, etc. And apart from the presentation, a lot is done for major tasks like making videos, preparing handouts, making presentation notes, making speaker notes.

PowerPoint is also used to show its performance in offices, to inform about new tools in factories and to explain its assembly process.

How to Learn PowerPoint?

1. Take a Computer Course:

The easiest and traditional way to learn powerpoint is to go to a computer institute and take admission in a basic computer course to learn computer.

Here you can learn from computer fundamentals to MS Office. Apart from this, you can also do advanced computer courses like ADC, PGDCA, BCA.

This course is of long duration. But, you get complete knowledge and also get a chance to learn other computer skills.

For information about other computer courses, you can read our post with Best Computer Courses. The link of which is given below.

2. Buy computer books

If you do not want to do the course, then computer books can prove to be useful for you.

There are hundreds of computer books available in the market today. Through which you can take training of MS PowerPoint sitting at home. You can also order these books online.


To find the book, go to Google and search by typing “best computer books” or “best MS Office Books”. The best books will come for you. Then you get these books by ordering from Amazon.

3. Learn Online

With the advent of the Internet, knowledge is in the palm. All you have to do is type or speak and you will get the knowledge available from all over the world.

You can also apply the same thing to learn powerpoint and learn powerpoint online through free web tutorials available on the internet.

Below are the names of some websites for you through which you will be able to learn PowerPoint.

4. Take Online Computer Course

In this digital age, education is also becoming digital. That is, the era of e-learning has started. You just have to do a search, hundreds of online courses will come to teach you PowerPoint.

With these courses, you will be able to easily take powerpoint training sitting at home at cheap prices. Guidance is also given and support is also provided in case you face any problem.

There are many such online education portals where PowerPoint courses are conducted. The names of some popular portals are being given below.

  • Coursera
  • Udemy
  • Alison
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Khan Academy
  • Gyanly

5. Use PowerPoint Help

Like other software, PowerPoint also has a help center. With the help of which you can find the solution of every powerpoint problem. This help is free. Which you can activate by pressing the F1 function key from the keyboard.

Here basic to advanced tutorials related to PowerPoint are available in a simple and understandable way. You can also learn PowerPoint through them.

What have you learned?

In this lesson you learned what is Microsoft PowerPoint. We have told about PowerPoint in simple words in this lesson. We hope that this lesson will prove useful for you.

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