What is YouTube Handle and how to make your own YouTube Handle?

In this post What is YouTube Handle and how to make your own YouTube Handle, we will learn everything about Youtube handle. YouTube, the world’s second-largest search engine and number one video search engine, has launched a new feature for creators – YouTube Handle. With the help of this now every YouTuber will be able to get their unique identity i.e. Unique Handle. This feature can be compared to the username of Twitter, Tiktok.

What is YouTube Handle and how to make your own YouTube Handle?
What is YouTube Handle and how to make your own YouTube Handle?

The YouTube handle will be a unique name assigned to each user. The custom channel will have a custom handle like the URL. Which can be used by putting @. The custom URL of your channel will also become the custom YouTube handle. This custom handle will provide more convenience to the creators.

According to YouTube, those who have got the custom channel URL (YouTube Custom URL). They will get the same name as the YouTube handle. Which YouTube itself will reserve. With this handle, your new identity will be made again. So that users will be able to reach you directly.

For example, suppose your custom URL is given by YouTube -https://www.youtube.com/c/AvinashSinghTechGuru/. Now YouTube will make this your handle which will look like this – https://youtube.com/@AvinashSinghTechGuru.

That is, there will be no difference between the URL and the handle. With the help of this feature, finding creators i.e. YouTubers will become an even easier task.

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What is YouTube Handle?

Benefits of YouTube Handle

Benefits of YouTube Handle
Benefits of YouTube Handle

#1 New Identity

You will get a new identity through the YouTube handle, which users will be able to use to find you on YouTube. Your custom URL will no longer be needed. But, this custom URL will continue to work.

If you have been given a custom URL by YouTube, then there is every chance that the same URL will become your YouTube handle. Which will then become your new identity.

# 2 Advantage in shorts

Like Tiktok Shorts and Insta Reels, now this handle can be written in YouTube Shorts and will be visible to the users. Which will directly take the users to the creator’s channel.

# 3 Ease of tagging

Creators tag each other in videos. This YouTube handle will make this feature even easier. Any creator can be tagged in their videos simply by getting the creator’s handle via @.

Apart from this, YouTube shorts, comments, etc. will also have the facility to tag through this handle and any user can be informed about the comment or video by simply searching through @.

What is YouTube Handle?

How to Create Your Own YouTube Handle?

According to YouTube, this feature has not been fully activated for everyone yet. Therefore, common users and small channels will not be able to take advantage of this before November. Because, YouTube will open this feature to everyone after October. Then anyone will be able to create their own YouTube handle.

What is YouTube Handle?

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