Why we learn programming Languages?

Lets know why we learn programming languages

Suppose that there are two person A and B. Both of them know two different languages X and Y respectively. Now the question is that if they could communicate with each other. The answer is NO because they can not express their expression to each other. So the problem is that – how they can communicate with each other? There are mainly three ways for communication 

  • The First One is that they have to learn languages of each other, means A have to learn Y and B have to learn X language. In this way they can communicate to each other.
  • The second way is that they have to learn an Intermediate language for example Z. Now they can communicate with each other in Z language.
  • And the last way is that they hire a translator who knows both languages X and Y

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Why we learn Programming Languages:

With the help of above example you can understand, How two persons can communicate to each other. Now we can analyze the possible ways of communication between computer and user. In the case of computer and user the communication problem is same i.e. language of computer is a machine language and the language of user is a natural language.  Now the question is that which of  the above three ways can solve this communication problem. Let’s check – 

  • Here, the first way will not work, Because user can learn machine language but it is Impossible to learn Natural Language by the computer. And to learn a machine language is very difficult task for a normal user.
  • The second way may work here but again the problem is that how will a computer learn the intermediate language. So, here, use the third way that uses a translator (also known as COMPILER) which translates the Intermediate languages into machine language. In this way we can communicate with the computer in a very easy way. 

Therefore, we can say that –

Programming language is a INTERMEDIATE LANGUAGE between COMPUTER and USER.”

 It is very important to learn a programming language for giving instructions to the computer. 

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